Sunday, February 04, 2007

Four Bohemians and a Lonely Throwback

It was a bitter cold day, but the cabin fever was at a peak. Sitting on the porch warmed by the fire, the view outside was deceptive - a bright clear day, begging to be photographed - but the frost on the door told the true story.

Nonetheless, remembering that La Boheme, Live from the Met, was due to begin at 1:30, I fugured you could have worse days than motoring around in the company of the four friends and their ladies looking for pictures.

And so I set out, soon encountering a hockey game the way hockey games SHOULD be played - out in the open air, under a bright blue sky... and in a brisk wind!

As Act II was winding down, I came upon a bench waiting for someone - Godot, perhaps, but it reminded me of the bench in Act III, where Mimi & Rudolfo decide to wait until Spring to separate - a Spring which Mimi hopes will never come. For her it does not, but for Rudolfo, well, it's another story.

Not too far from the bench and the frozen pond was a little stream which, with a little imagination, became magic.

Rickett's Glen was deserted - just the way I like it.

There's a funny thing about favorite operas and lonely, frigid days. In the opera, you can always bring Mimi back to party again with the old gang. And with wintry days, you can always find beauty and serenity in the hills. And with a little help from a friend, you can find the warmth you thought was missing.

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Anonymous said...

I just loved how you expressed your feelings. Bev